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 ​Sierra is a Yoga Instructor from the White Lotus in Santa Barbara, CA. She has been practicing Yoga and Meditation for over 10 years, recently traveling to India for Advanced Yoga Philosophy and training. She is a Holistic Wellness Coach, specializing in Plant Based Nutrition and Lifestyles. Her original field of Research and study is Ancient History, with a BA from UC Davis. She enjoys teaching Vinyasa Yoga and researching the ancient multifaceted lineage of Yoga.

Sierra Rose Stange​
Yoga Instructor

Teddie Fullerton​
HIIT  Instructor

Meet Our Staff

 ​Teddie discovered her love for fitness when she took over a local cardio kickboxing business; Shorty's Kickboxing. She earned her Fitness Trainer certification through ISSA as well as a certification as a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant through AFPA.  When she is not teaching group workouts or assisting her nutrition clients, she is working hard to earn a degree in Kinesiology while working full-time!  Teddie lives in Murphys and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

About Us

The Angels Camp Body Shop strives to provide innovative, challenging classes in a professional and safe environment.  A place where  all fitness and experience levels can get a great workout while having a good time!

Jennifer Stock
Owner and Instructor

In 2012 the dream of the Angels Camp Body Shop first came about when four best friends sat at a restaurant reminecing about the old Automotive Body Shop in town and the cars their fathers had reconditioned and restored when they were younger.  The play on the word "BODY" and reconstructing that body for a strong life grew from there.

Located in what was once the Historic Utica Hotel in downtown Angels Camp, the AC Body Shop has a TRX suspension training frame inside its 1,700sq foot space, Ballet Barres, and open space for Buti Yoga inspired dance classes, and Circuit Training.  Variety to spice up your Fitness routine! 

Having been raised in a family who's motos were "Just Keep Moving" , "Keep On Keeping On" and "Go Make Some Memories" its not surprising that I found a love and passion for Fitness and encouraging people to have a good time while working out.  After graduating from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo I moved to the island of Kauai, HI where I had opportunities to work in different types of Fitness Facilities...slowing gaining knowledge and ideas for my own studio.  I am grateful everyday to be back home sharing what I love to do with the community I grew up in.

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