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Class Description & Pricing

Early Morning MashUp: With an emphasis on cardiovascular conditioning and total body toning EMU will mash together TRX, circuit stations, Tabata and agility training.

Body Shop Training Camp:  A class designed for all fitness levels.  Mixing traditional athletic drills and body weight exercises with interval training and core strength.  This class most often uses the TRX straps

HIIT:  High Intensity Interval Training combines circuit stations, kettle-bells and hand weights. Alternating short bursts of a higher intensity exercise followed by a brief low-intensity activity. Teddie Fullerton brings her background in kickboxing to this fun and energetic class!

Ab Overhaul:  30min of abdominal and lower back exercises focused on improving core strength, balance and posture.  A great way to compliment an earlier or later class...or you can do Ab Overhaul just on its own.  $5.00

BASE:  With strong roots on Buti Yoga, BASE combines energetic, innovative music~all the strength of TrainingCamp~the sass of Burlesque~ a little Yoga and small isometric movements with light hand weights. You get "it all" in this class!

Recondition Reconstruct Restore:  The name says it all.  Using light weights, TRX, the ballet barre and gentle stretching you will strengthen, tone and rejuvenate your body.  

SUPER Stroller Fit:** Join Alicia from aSUPERcoach.com for a total body work-out while bringing your "little one" with you. Each class includes outdoor exercises using your stroller and indoor activities with both the stroller and additional gym equipment.  A good workout in a fun and safe environment.

Contact Alicia at 209.743.9632

Gentle Flow Yoga:** 11/4 hour class In this class Sierra Stange from Sierra Rose Yoga and Wellness teaches Alignment basics and beginner Asanas (poses). The benefits of Yoga will be introduced as well as the concept of Mind, Body and Spirit integration. This is a low intensity Yoga class meant to relax and calm the Mind and Body. Contact Sierra at 209.740.0453

Vinyasa Flow Yoga:** 1 1/4 hour class Intermediate Asanas are taught in this Energetic flow class of Sun Salutations, Balancing and Standing Asanas. Backbends and Inversions are introduced. A medium intensity yoga class geared to energize and balance the Mind and Body.

​Please bring a mat, towel and plenty of water for class.  Angels Camp Body Shop does not provide         mats and towels.

**SUPER Stroller Fit Class and Vinyasa Yoga are privately taught.  Cards for these classes can be purchased from the instructor.  Prices are different than listed below.

Class Pricing

Drop In Fee:                                              $12.00

Ab Overhaul:                                             $5.00

10 Class Passes:                                     $100.00

Monthly Unlimited Membership:          $80.00

Personal Training:                                   $55.00  One hour session

Small Group Training:                             $60.00  One hour session with up to 5 people      

We offer a variety of classes for every level and style. Don't know what you like? Come visit a few of our classes and find out!

Class Descriptions